About TICA

About us

Travel Industry Careers Association has been established by passionate industry leaders as a not for profit incorporated association to address the critical issue of future staff shortages impacting on the travel industry.


To act as a focal point to attract more people into the travel industry and retain existing staff that will benefit the interests of all.


  • Profile the travel industry as an industry career of choice
  • Educate people about the range of career paths available in the travel industry
  • Attract 320,000 people over 10 years in all areas of travel & tourism Australia wide  
  • Identify how many people are currently employed in the travel & tourism industry by sector and then build a plan to address the staffing shortages in these sectors.
  • Assisting the industry to retain staff.


  • Awareness raising of the benefits of the travel industry as a career choice in the wider community as well as within the travel sector
  • Key messages to people at the outset of their careers and return to work
  • Strategies to encourage and manage the mature worker
  • Strategies to bring in people from other industries
  • Consultation with educational institutions
  • Research on staffing trends in the industry