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Students learn first hand at the Spencer Travel Open Day

Thursday Feb 25, 2010

The Travel Industry Careers Association in conjunction with Spencer Travel, Surry Hills held an Open Day for Travel & Tourism students.

The students gained valuable insight into the daily working life of a corporate travel consultant: how they look after the complex travel arrangements for business clients in Australia and globally.

They also met one of the few accredited “Space Agents” who is selling galactic space travel – now isn’t that “Way Out”?

Speed Networkers at work

Friday Nov 27, 2009   |   Travel Daily

Over 60 travel industry professionals and new entrants turned out at the Travel Industry Careers Associations (TICA) annual Speed Networking event held this week.

The event gives new entrants the chance to meet with Industry leaders and to get a taste of how to be successful in the travel industry.

Feedback from those attending was very positive, with several new TICA members enrolling on the night.

Speed Networking advances travel career ambitions

Friday Nov 27, 2009   |   e-Travel Blackboard

Travel Industry Careers Association (TICA) held Tuesday night a Speed Networking event for over 60 industry professionals and students.

The Speed Networking event gave industry members and students the opportunity to sit with seven industry leaders and gain insight on how they climbed the ladder.

Valuing Travel Industry Staff

Thursday Sep 03, 2009   |   Travel Bulletin

Ahead of the Tourism Futures conference held earlier this month on the Gold Coast. the organisers released details of a Roy Morgan Research survey of the tourism industry.

The over-arching message of the research is that industry sentiment is holding up although. unsurprisingly, respondents overwhelmingly identified adverse economic circumstances as their major concern.

Some 62 per cent of them saw the global economy as the biggest challenge they face over the next 12 month with declining consumer spending worrying 32 per cent of the industry who completed the survey.

TICA training

Friday Aug 21, 2009   |   Travel Daily

The Travel Industry Careers Association has announced that it will this month unveil a “subscription incentive” for all new members, in conjunction with Auridian Training. All new ‘corporate’ and ‘industry professional’ TICA members will have the chance to win a variety of professional development workshops.

Join TICA and win with Auridian Training

Friday Aug 21, 2009   |   e-Travel Blackboard

The Travel Industry Careers Association this month will unveil a subscription incentive to all new TICA members. In conjunction with Auridian Training TICA will offer all new ‘Corporate’ and ‘Industry Professional’ members the chance to win a variety of professional development workshops. Auridian Training are the major sponsor and will be offering prizes of up to three professional development courses per state, per competition.


Monday Jun 29, 2009   |   Travel Daily

The Travel Industry Fulfillment Services (TIFS) will begin working with the Travel Industry Careers Association, to endorse and attract people in the industry.

TIFS Tony Karanfilovski said, "Skill shortages within the industry are a growing concern for everyone, as is retaining the right staff.

"We will work with TICA on their distribution strategy by circulating the 'TICA Travel Career Postcards' around the country."

TICA looks for new recruits

Tuesday Jun 23, 2009   |   Travel Daily

The Travel Industry Careers Association (TICA) was out to address travel and tourism faces of the future at the Career Search Expo at the Uni. of Western Sydney recently.

TICA says more than 5,000 Year 10-12 students turned out at the event, which is a major expo for students from the central and inner west Sydney regions.

The expo aims to prepare students to make informed career and course decisions by exposing them to a wide variety of career options, course opportunities and info resources.

TICA & HRG Nationwide Career Day

Wednesday Jun 03, 2009   |   Travel Daily

Last week the Hogg Robinson Group and Travel Industry Careers Association (TICA) held the first national travel industry career open day.

Travel students descended on the HRG offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney to gain first hand experience of what it is like to work as a professional travel consultant.

A total of 44 students participated in the events, which TICA vice chair Sandra Chiles said "enable us to position the travel industry as an 'industry of choice' for the future."

TICA appeal to travel firms

Monday Jun 01, 2009   |   Travel Today

The Travel Industry Careers Association (TICA) and New South Wales Business Chamber are appealing to businesses across the state to offer work experience to year 11 and 12 students studying travel and tourism at TAFA.

Students are looking for one-week placements from now until October. TICA said it will give participating companies first look at next year's tourism graduates and assess whether they may be suitable for full time employment.