Corporate Travel Consultant

Corporate Travel Consultant

There is never a dull moment working in corporate travel - not only do you learn something new every day but you get to understand other businesses'.
Quote: Penny Spencer, Spencer Travel, Sydney, Australia.

What is a Corporate Travel Consultant?

A Corporate Travel Consultant makes travel arrangements for business clients (also known as corporate travel) travelling for work/business purposes. They often handle more complex airfares and accommodation in premium hotels.

What does a Corporate Consultant do?

Makes airline reservations (usually first or business class), books hotel accommodation, car hire, transfers and anything that the corporate traveller needs to get to their business meetings. A Corporate Travel Consultant usually talks to customers over the telephone or by email as business travel arrangements are often last minute and need to be done ASAP. A Corporate Travel Consultant usually works with a set number of clients (or different businesses) and will build relationships with these companies and understand what their usual travel requirements are.

What does it take to be successful?

They need to be highly organised, with excellent attention to detail, and be able to work at a fast pace to meet deadlines and think on their feet. Having a good knowledge of the world will be an advantage when faced with solving problems in overseas destinations. They will need to be well groomed with strong written and verbal communication skills.